Natural DIY Products I Make & Use With Tutorials!

LP Share Whipped ButtersAfter considering the chemical implications of using relaxers and making the decision to stop, I obviously started thinking about other products I was using.

As a result, I began researching what was in just about everything I was using and even eating for that matter.  I didn't like what I found and began looking for healthier alternatives.

I managed to find and make recipes for just about everything I needed for my natural hair regimen.  That's right, from cleansing and conditioning to deep conditioning and styling.  All DIY, made by me 100%!

I encourage you to try out one, a few or all of these natural recipes.  You never know when it may come in handy and you get the satisfaction of knowing you can do it on your own in you needed to. 

One more thing, it's also a good idea to to pH balance  some of these products when needed, to ensure a smooth finish to your strands.

Keep reading to learn how to make natural hair recipes for your hair!

Do It Yourself Homemade Natural Recipes For Hair!

Video Tutorials

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