5 Quick Styles For Short – Medium Length Natural Hair

5 Hair Styles For Short To Medium Length Natural Hair

Quick & Easy Ways To Stretch Your Styles!

If we're going to put all of the work into pre-pooing, cleansing, conditioning, deep-conditioning and so on to our natural hair, the last thing we want to do is wear short-lived hair styles.

In today's post, I am demonstrating 5 Quick & Easy Styles for Short to Medium Length Natural Hair.  I recently trimmed away a couple of inches of hair and have been loving the added fullness of my styles.  Wearing my twist outs in the styles I demonstrate in the tutorial below, make it that much nicer.  I have been super busy so being able to lengthen the wear of my styles has been a major help for me and I know they can help you too!

I do have my favorite of style number 2 but number 5 is probably almost a tie!  Check it out below and vote for your favorite!

5 Quick & Easy Styles For Short to Medium Length Natural Hair

You can achieve these natural hair styles from newly washed hair or an old twist out or braid out.  I recommend playing around with them to find the one you love for yourself!

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Peace & Love!

xoxo LP 🙂

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