LP ShareHere I share the progress, pitfalls and experiences I’ve had with my natural hair.

My goal is to encourage you to love your natural hair, stay motivated and roll with the changes.  If you travel the same path, just know it’s a process and it does get easier.

My journey back to natural hair began in 2010 when I decided to stop relaxing my hair with chemicals.  I transitioned for eight months and did my first big chop in May of 2011.

It was a long and scary road to take while learning about the hair growing out of my scalp.  Sadly I knew nothing about it, so I researched and learned from other natural’s about how to care for my natural hair.

Helpful Natural Hair Resources:

We’re perfectly designed no matter what society has to say about it.  Be confident, accept and enjoy your natural hair at every stage, you won’t be there for long!


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