Blue Magic Conditioner Hair Dress & Murray’s Black 100% Pure Australian Beeswax Product Review

Blue Magig Conditioner Hair Dress Murray's Black Austalian BeeswaxI did it again.  I tried to fix something that wasn’t broken and paid a price.

I was using Shea butter and various oils to seal the ends of my hair, and doing so wasn’t causing any sort of harm.

After observing proclaimed successes from other naturals that were using the old tried and true hair grease, I thought, hey, maybe that’s better than what I’m doing!  (Sigh).

Through the following product review, find out my honest opinion and experience of what happened to my hair after using Murray’s Black Australian Beeswax as well as Blue Magic Conditioner Hair Dress on my ends along with an important, life-saving message about both products.

Note: I always moisturize my hair with water before adding any butters, oils and in this case grease & beeswax.

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