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How To French Braid Natural Hair

Learning How To French Braid

Continuing with my ‘Simple Style Techniques’ series, French Braids are featured on today’s post.
If I had to describe this style of braiding, I would say it’s the opposite of ‘corn-rowing’, if you will.  After all, when …

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How To Flat Twist Natural Hair

Up next in my 'Simple Style Techniques' Series is 'How To Flat Twist' Natural Hair

I think it’s super important for us to be self sufficient in taking care of our hair from all angles.  This includes 2 strand twists, braids …

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Faux Tapered Cut Natural Hair Updo ~ LP Share

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I will admit that I love to wear my natural hair out 99% of the time.
I know protective styling might be good for our …

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How To Braid Natural Hair

Simple Style Technique ~ How To Braid Natural Hair

Although braiding may be a basic technique to many that know how to do hair, there are still some of us that haven’t quite mastered this styling technique.
Matter of fact, there are …

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Stop Hair Breakage Using ApHogee 2-Step Protein Treatment & Moisturizing Conditioner


Get Your ApHogee Protein Treatment Here!
ApHogee 2 Step Protein Treatment On Henna Treated Hair?
Okay, so I lost track of when I needed to do my henna touch up, and over two months had passed.  Unfortunately, my hair began …

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My Fluffy Flat Twist Perm Rod Set Tutorial Using Jane Carter Solution & Curly Fro

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You have got to love the versatility of natural hair!
It was raining something crazy over the last few days here in NC, and my hair had settled into a puffy fro.  I was going out …