Faux Tapered Cut Natural Hair Updo ~ LP Share

Faux Tapered Cut Updo Natural StyleI will admit that I love to wear my natural hair out 99% of the time.

I know protective styling might be good for our hair, but I know I would miss my hair too much to put it away, LOL!

Since I've worn my hair in its natural state over the years, the closest I have been to an updo is an afro puff, and um, can I count twisting at night as a protective style?

Well, let me tell you what, when I saw the style tutorial, Faux Tapered Cut Natural Hair Updo by Naptural85, I instantly fell in love with the style and knew that I would push pass my styling comfort zone to try this updo which is also a semi-protective style.

If you are active in the natural hair community, I'm sure you've heard of Naptural85!  She's is one of the first naturals I came across on YouTube while transitioning five years ago, and she's been an inspiration to me personally and to my journey, to say the least.

Thank you Naptural85! 🙂

Obviously my hair is no where near her length, but that didn't stop me.  You see, learning your own hair and how to make adjustments to make a style work is key to successfully navigating this natural hair thing!

So that is exactly what I did.  I worked with what I have on my head and was very pleased with my results.  So without further ado here's my response video to Naptural85's bomb semi-protective style for longer haired naturals.

Watch to see how I was able to pull it off with short to medium length, type 4 natural hair!

How Did I Do?

I ended up two strand twisting the hair at the top and switched between wearing the twists as is, and taking them down depending on the situation. 

Faux Tapered Cut Updo LP Share Protective Style

So this style could actually be a full protective style if you leave the 2 strand twists in.  I absolutely loved wearing this faux tapered cut updo.  I think I may just have to do these types of styles more often!

Let me know how you think I did on this one!

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