Finger Coils On Men’s Short Natural Hair | Tutorial

With a family full of natural heads, it was inevitable I’d one day be faced with learning a new styling technique for our hair.

This was recently the case with my son Jonny.  You see, his usual styles were always low cut or a short fro from time to time.

Jonny's Low Cut Naturally LP Jonnys Fro Naturally LP


One day he even showed up with a Mohawk!  So…I did what any Mom would do to their teen-aged son in this case…I edged up his lines with a smile

Jonny's Mohawk Naturally LP

Yeah, that pic shows his reaction LOL, but seriously, this was the only pic I could find with his Mohawk tho!

More recently, he decided that he no longer wanted to cut his hair and I knew where this was heading.

I had secretly imagined him one day wearing locs, and thought he’d look nice with them.  When I suggested locs to him, he was a bit apprehensive, so I recommended he start off with finger twists, or finger coils, to see how well he’d like those and go from there.

Although I was familiar with how to create a finger twist, I wasn’t quite sure about the right products to use for the best results.  Since I’ve personally never worn finger coils, I needed to do some research first.

Turns out there’s a range of products you can use for finger twists, including butters and oils to gels and conditioners.  It really depends on the goal of the style, so as a first attempt, I opted to use two simple ingredients to do finger coils on his natural hair, gel and extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)!

Here’s a quick tutorial showing how I created finger coils on my son’s natural hair!

Let me know what you think and if you’ll decide to try this style on your hair.  If you already wear coils or locs, what products do you use?


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