How To Braid Natural Hair

Simple Style Technique ~ How To Braid Natural Hair

Although braiding may be a basic technique to many that know how to do hair, there are still some of us that haven't quite mastered this styling technique.

Matter of fact, there are new learners each and every day!

For today's post, I am covering the basics of how to braid natural hair, on my hair model Gabby.

In the following video tutorial, I demonstrate two different braid patterns, along with the hand techniques, to create the braids.

Although my starting points are basic for this 'Simple Style Techniques' Series, I will be building on these techniques in future videos, to create beautiful hair styles that can be worn on natural hair.

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Here are two braiding techniques on my model Gabby!


How To Braid Step By Step Video Tutorial

Practicing these braiding techniques daily or as often as possible can help you to master this skill pretty quickly. 

Do you know how to braid?  What are your favorite types of braiding techniques?

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