How To Cornrow Natural Hair

How To Cornrow Natural Hair

Cornrows - A 'Simple Style Technique'

Cornrowing is one of the most common and useful styling techniques out there.  There's so many things creative styles you can create with cornrows and you can rock one or dozens of them!

So up next in my 'Simple Style Techniques' series is 'Cornrows'!  You'll find some of the most basic styling techniques, such as how to 2 strand twist and flat twist, to build beautiful hairstyles with.

Learn How To Cornrow!

My recent post on how to braid covered the basic theory and technique of how to braid hair.  I demonstrated two different methods for creating a braid and with the second one in the video, you can build on it to create a cornrow!  All you have to do is just add in some hair along the way as you braid, and're cornrowing!

Check out my quick tutorial below on how to cornrow and let me know if it was helpful or if you have any tips to add. 

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