How To Flat Twist Natural Hair

Up next in my 'Simple Style Techniques' Series is 'How To Flat Twist' Natural Hair

I think it's super important for us to be self sufficient in taking care of our hair from all angles.  This includes 2 strand twists, braids and so on.

We should be able to do the simplest of styling techniques needed  to create beautiful hair styles and maintain our tresses.  This is the main reason for this series.

I previously covered How To Braid Natural Hair and How To 2 Strand Twist Natural Hair, so now it's time to move forward and build on those.

Flat Twisting Can Help Create Beautiful Styles

The flat twisting technique allows you to create protective styles, up-do's, even fluffy flat-twist outs like the one I'm showing here (also demonstrated in the following video tutorial).

Flat twisting is also great at helping to stretch the hair as well, if you're in to that.

Is Flat Twisting Hard?

I learned how to flat twist hair when I was a little girl.  Knowing how came in handy when I began doing my own hair.  Even then it was challenging for me to get the flat twists to go 'the right way'.  Sometimes I'd just have to leave them going in different directions. 

So while I don't think flat twisting is hard, you really have to concentrate on what you're doing sometimes to get it right.

It was for all of these reasons I really tried to convey the steps in a logical manner so that the technique is clear.  I even left out the background music this time to help you stay focused!

Just bear in mind that, like anything, it all comes with practice.  The techniques that I cover on flat twisting natural hair become simple when you think about it and apply it.

How To Flat Twist Natural Hair Video Tutorial!

What's Your Experience With Flat Twists?

If you decide to try this technique or have another technique you'd like to share to help others, I would love to hear from you!

Thanks for watching and sharing this post!

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