How To French Braid Natural Hair

How To French Braid Natural Hair
cornrow and frenchbraid comparison

Learning How To French Braid

Continuing with my 'Simple Style Techniques' series, French Braids are featured on today's post.

If I had to describe this style of braiding, I would say it's the opposite of 'corn-rowing', if you will.  After all, when you look at it, French Braids resemble a sort of 'innie' flat braiding style while Corn Rows take on more of an 'outtie' appearance.

I love this style of braiding because there are so many variations of how you can manipulate it into a variety of looks, and hair styles.  It is elegant and formal while at the same time, spontaneous & casual.


More Style Options With French Braids

Learning how to French Braid will add yet another tool in your hair-styling arsenal, and give you more options for creating pretty styles that can easily double as a protective style. 

Below, I demonstrate on my natural hair, how to achieve a basic French Braid.  Try not to overthink it, but do listen to my instructions, replay and then visualize what it means and how it would work in your own mind.  As with any other styling technique, you can learn to French Braid simply by practicing a bit each day or as often as you can. 

A quick way to do so is to take a section of your own hair and play around with it for a few minutes, then move on with your day.  In no time, it will just happen!  Don't give up, you can do it!  

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