Properly Deep Condition Your Natural Hair! Do Not Skip This Step!

LP Share Deep Conditioner Applied To Natural Hair Naturally LP

Sometimes we can get so caught up in how long everything takes in our natural hair care regimen.  I mean we have the pre-pooing (pre-treating your hair with an oil prior to washing), detangling, cleansing or co-washing and then of all things, a deep condition.  Notice I haven’t even mentioned styling yet.

With having a super busy lifestyle, I’m always tempted to skip over the deep conditioning step because of my notion that it only adds to the already long time to do my hair.

Now I can honestly say from experience that I believe it’s the BEST and most important thing I can do for my hair, even though I haven’t always stuck to doing it.

You see, back in my relaxer days, I used to straighten my hair with chemicals only to turn around and set it on rollers, like all the time, crazy right?  I was always in search of ‘big hair’ and never knew that my natural hair could do this if I’d allow it to.  During those days my weekly regimen was to wash, condition and roller set.  This was so much so that I went out and purchased a fancy salon style dryer with the chair included.

I kept and used this dryer for many years.  After I first returned back to my natural, I thought, pfft, I don’t need it anymore, it’s not that serious.  Besides it was huge, clunky and took up more space than I cared for.  So, I sold it.

Sadly I went many months without deep conditioning my hair because I didn’t think there was a benefit to doing it, and, well, I no longer had the hooded dryer.  It wasn’t until I saw how badly my hair suffered that I re-traced my steps and realized I was neglecting my deep conditioning treatments.

LP Share Apply Plastic Cap When Deep Conditioning Natural Hair Naturally LPFast forward to now…after seeing firsthand the effects of skipping this step and now having a better understanding of how deep conditioning benefits my hair by keeping it soft, strong, moisturized and manageable, I’ve found a way to cope with the extra time needed to sit under a dryer.  Here’s what I did:

1) Researched to find out how to effectively get a true deep condition:

Decide if you need to use a protein based conditioner to fortify your strands or if you just want an intense moisturizing treatment.  Here’s how I make my own!  Quick conditioners that direct you to wash out after a few minutes are not designed to fully penetrate the shaft of your hair.  You will want to look for a protein ingredient in your deep conditioner to ensure it is suitable to strengthen you hair.  Otherwise if you just want a deep moisturizing treatment, the marketed or quickie conditioner with oils and all of that is cool.  Just know what your hair goal is before you put your conditioner cap on!

LP Share Uses Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer Laila Ali Natural Hair Naturally LP2) Purchased a soft bonnet dryer:  There was no way I was buying another large hair dryer which confined me to one space.  So after digging around, I found the Laila Ali Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer.  Here’s a pic of the one I purchased from WalMart and it’s also available on Amazon for the same price!  Check the product link below 🙂 (affiliate)

I opted for this one over the regular conditioning cap, assuming one day I may want to revisit those roller sets 😉  All in all, you just get a much deeper conditioning when adding heat to your treatments.

3) Found something to pass the time under the dryer.  One of the things I now love about my deep conditioning treatments using a bonnet dryer is the freedom to be mobile and do other things.  I literally plan my wash and deep conditioning treatments early enough in the day with something nearby for me to do while I’m under the dryer.  This can be computer stuff, a book or craft.  Anything that keeps you from thinking about the time as it passes.

LP Share Deep Conditioning With Soft Hooded Dryer Natural Hair Naturally LPMy hair care regimen is always a work in progress but I can assure you that once you evaluate and identify what needs to be done and then do it, you’ll see things begin to turn around with the state of your hair.

I hope this helps you to look forward to those deep conditioning sessions like me, even if I do space them out a bit longer now, LOL! 😉

How do your deep conditioning treatments go?  Have you added a dryer to intensify your conditioning benefits?

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