I Survived The Duck At Dr. Sebi’s Usha Village In Honduras!


I Finally Got The Chance To Take The Duck!

After tabling our plans to visit Dr. Sebi's Usha Healing Village in Honduras last year after his transition, we finally got the opportunity to go. 

Our journey down the path of Dr. Sebi's methodology began over two years ago by ordering the Small Cleansing Package.  The cleanse was one of the most effective we had taken to date and the results were amazing, so we knew the village would be even better.

Here I'm sharing our experiences of taking the "Duck" therapy at the village.  I almost didn't get the chance to take it, but I am grateful it all worked out.  The duck is a flower you eat and is a full body detox that seeks out the inflammation in your body and expels the mucus within hours.  Check out the vlog below for more details!

As a note, I did skip our initial vlog updates just to provide a status to everyone following my social media, to let them know all is well!  Stay tuned for more updates from the beautiful village of Honduras!

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