I’m Only Changing My Mind & Hair Not Who I Am

My Big Chop

I was overjoyed to get rid of those relaxed strands, lol!

Wow. It’s hard to believe that I’m one month away from my one year big chop anniversary, yay!

So happy to have come this far. Truly, my journey started from the time I began transitioning 8 months prior to the BC, but the BC was really the defining moment for me.

So far, I’ve added Kinky Curly products into my rotation, which is really laughable since I don’t really rotate a lot of products to begin with. However, I really liked the results, so I’ll keep using it along with my Shea butter, and other Shea Moisture products. I’ll share pictures and will give a more detailed update next month. Now on to the interesting 11 months I’ve had so far.

This natural hair quest has been a learning experience for me, and a good one. I have had to weed through a lot of things, people and hype to get to my own comfort zone but it has all been worth it. I have concentrated on learning my hair enough to be able to get the results I want most of the time. I can’t really say I have bad hair days either which is cool. I accept my hair for what it is and what it does, and can generally work something out in a pinch. I was like that before, when I was relaxed, so I knew I’d do what I had to do to get to this point. That is just me. It’s a victory in and of itself! Perhaps I’ll go out of my comfort zone soon to experiment more with other styles. That will definitely take me to another level, since being complacent is so much easier.

I have also pondered how I should flaunt my newfound “naturalism”.  I’ve seen a lot going on out here in the natural hair community and had to take a step or two back. Heck, I wanted to go natural but didn’t intend on losing myself to a new set of ‘requirements’ in the process. It is so easy to get caught up, but trying to follow it all really didn’t feel like me. I was my own person before going natural, and even though it was intimidating to change at first, I did it and survived. I have determined that I don’t have to do what everyone’s doing or wear what they wear to prove that I’m proud to be Black or Natural. Whether I wear a face full of makeup, huge earrings, boho styles or not, isn’t mandatory or even the point. When you see me, you can pretty much get the point without ever asking.

I don’t look down on others that want to continue to relax, wear weaves, wigs, tracks or braids because that is their choice, just as this is my choice. Hey, I wasn’t always natural! I do not look for acceptance from anyone other than myself, because I know that’s all that really counts at the end of the day.

Although there can sometimes be pressure to follow behind others and what they do, I’m glad I haven’t lost myself along this journey. I truly know that I can continue to be me and do me, like I always have, while growing and getting better with each day.

I changed my mind and then my hair, but that’s it. That is all I’m willing to compromise. If it’s not me, it’s cool, I’ll settle on what is, and be okay with that.

What has your experience been along your journey?

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