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LP Share  of Naturally LPHey Naturals!  I’m super excited to announce that my blog, Naturally LP, was featured on Black Hair OMG!   Yes, as of now, I made front page!  OMGee!

You all know I’m passionate about making my own natural products, so I was honored to share what I’ve learned with the Black Hair OMG community.

If you’re wondering, “What is Black Hair OMG?”  I am more than happy elaborate.

Black Hair OMG Banner

Black Hair OMG is a comprehensive online resource for any and all things black hair.  This blog is packed with everything you ever needed or wanted to know about our hair, and it’s not exclusive to just hair!

Here’s a peek at some of the hottest topics covered on the blog:


•Best Natural Hair Products
•Big Chop
•Black Hair Salons
•Children’s Hair
•Dying Hair
•Hair Growth
•Kinky Hair
•Loving Yourself
•Natural Hair Journey
•Short Hair
•Society’s Beauty Standards
•Type 4B Hair
•Working Out

As you can see, Black Hair OMG is pretty thorough at covering issues relevant to our hair and beyond!  Head on over and check them out!

You can connect with Black Hair OMG via the blog, on Pinterest, and you can also join their Facebook group, Natural Hair Lovers –, for up to the minute info.

Disclaimer: I will be the first to admit that this blog can become very addictive.  You’ve been warned

Lee Torrey Black Hair OMG

Now I can’t leave without introducing you to the gentleman behind it all, so without further ado, meet Lee, owner & creator of all things “Black Hair OMG.”

Lee definitely knows his stuff about black hair and does a great job of sharing topics that matter the most to all of us.

Bonus:  Let me add that he was also willing to share his style on my fashion blog, How I Wear It!

So there you have it, ton’s of exciting things to check out!  Enjoy!




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