My Alkaline Electric Travel Eats!

My Alkaline Electric Travel Eats!

What I Ate On The Road!

I received a question from a subscriber over on my youtube channel about sharing what I eat in a day.  Well I had already shared what my family and I eat in a day but since I had recently traveled alone and caught a snippet of my travel eats, I decided to share what I had on hand.

As we all know traveling all by itself can prove hectic especially taking a toll our immunity.  This can leave us vulnerable to becoming ill.  I took the opportunity to keep things light, simple and mostly raw so no cooking was needed.  Most of all I kept it Alkaline Electric!

I know it can be tough to keep up with what's best for our bodies but every little bit helps in being as prepared as possible.  Check out what I at in my latest travel vlog #2 and I hope you find this helpful on your journey!

I'd love to know what some of your Alkaline Electric travel favorites are so share them in the comments!

xoxo LP Share

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