My First Ever Henna Treatment!


Henna results, braid-out.

After wearing my hair in its natural state for over three years, I reflected on what I could be doing better.

Conditioning came to mind then I immediately thought of henna!

I had read about the benefits of using henna a few years ago while researching other natural hair stuff and decided to explore it further.

Turns out henna could give me the conditioning benefits I was looking for but I had to be okay with one more stipulation….color.

Henna is a natural way to color your hair without using harsh chemicals, leaving behind a reddish/brown hue.

In all my life, I had never tried color, but since my hair was already a medium brown/auburn hue, I wasn’t too concerned about the color I’d end up with. I learned that the most henna would do is darken my current tone, so I was cool with trying it.

I captured my entire henna experience and as I thought, ended up with a deeper auburn hue. An added bonus was the coloring of the few grays I had.  It was a daylong process but in the end, I could tell the difference in my hair.  It felt stronger and much more resilient than it had beforehand.

I really haven’t noticed any change to my tightly coiled texture, and that’s okay. I’ve accepted my hair whichever way it wants to go 🙂  Overall, I do love the results from the henna treatment and I’ll shoot for monthly treatments just to keep everything intact.


Henna results, braids

As a note, I researched henna on and ordered my henna from The only thing I didn’t do, was research the products I’d be using after the treatment.  Find out here what happened as a result.

I would strongly suggest that if you decide to henna your hair, regarding the other shampoos & conditioners, go for something mild that already works on your head.

Have you ever considered using henna on your hair?


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