My Flat Twist Perm Rod Set On Natural Hair!

lp roller setSo, I finally did a flat-twist, perm rod set on wet hair! 

I usually half-way throw rollers on the ends of my braids or twists without trying too hard for a good set.  This time, I gave it more effort.

On freshly washed and conditioned hair, I did the LOC method, short for styling with a L-liquid, O-oil, C-cream combination.

I used aloe vera juice as my liquid, extra virgin olive oil & jojoba for my oils, and unrefined, raw shea butter as my cream.  I added in Jane Carter Solution Wrap & Roll styling foam for hold.

I absolutely love the results and the hold is very soft.  I will be doing this style again!

If you’re interested in picking up the products I used, I purchased my shea butter from butters & bars website, the oils from Amazon, and the styling foam from Sally beauty supply.

I’ve added links to Amazon below:


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