My Fluffy Flat Twist Perm Rod Set Tutorial Using Jane Carter Solution & Curly Fro

Fro to Flat Twist Perm Rod Set on Natural Hair

You have got to love the versatility of natural hair!

It was raining something crazy over the last few days here in NC, and my hair had settled into a puffy fro.  I was going out later that night and knew that if I left it that way, it was going to be shrunken puffy fro!

I wanted a quick fix other than a puff and decided to do a flat twist perm rod set on my stretched natural hair.  It required a bit more time and work but gave my hair the best chance of surviving the humidity and rain.

You all already know by now that my preference is toward big and fluffy hair, so I kept the water & product to a minimum to help me achieve this look.

For this style, I used products that I already had on hand, including water, Curly Fro Lock In & Shine Oil to seal and Jane Carter's Solution Wrap & Roll Foam.  I loved the results but next time, I'll try this style using my flaxseed gel over the foam to compare the results.

Jane Carter Solution Wrap & Roll Foam

Curly Fro Lock In & Shine Oil

Curly Fro Lock In & Shine Oil

Here is a tutorial on how I achieved my fluffy flat-twist perm rod set on natural hair.  
Let me know if you decide to try this style!

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