My Full Wash Day Routine ~ Using Only DIY Homemade Natural Products!

Braid Out LOC Method Using Homemade Natural Products DIYIt's no big surprise that I love to make my own natural hair products!

So how did I get to this point?  Well, as I was transitioning back to natural hair a few years ago, I began to evaluate products that I was using on myself and especially my family.  Why was I going to curb the use of chemicals, and stop at the relaxers?

I became more knowledgeable about products marketed for natural hair and kept a close watch on their ingredients list.  At one point, I'd look up each and every ingredient just to learn about it's purpose and benefits.

I soon discovered that although some ingredients weren't as bad as others, some chemical ingredients, like petrolatum/petroleum, were just downright suspect.  This was because they were said to be linked to cancer.

Luckily I did find some product lines that did not use harsh chemicals for our natural hair, such as Kinky Curly and Shea Moisture.  If they figured out how to deliver results without the addition of chemical ingredients, it was proof it could be done!

What I quickly discovered thereafter was that it could get super expensive to keep up with the use of many of those products.  Heck, some products, such as Miss Jessie's, I've never even tried as a natural because the price tag was way too steep for me to justify buying them, no matter what the promised results were!

So, naturally, I gravitated towards making my own products, and here I am today!  This year my goal was to create and use just my own DIY homemade natural hair products for my full wash day regimen, from start to finish!

My mission is already complete and yay!!!  I did that!

So, here it is, my complete wash day routine, in three video segments, from start to finish using ONLY the natural products I made myself!

Let me know if you decide to try any of these DIY recipes and how it works out for you!

Do you make and use your own natural products?  Have your own natural line of hair products?  Dish on it?


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