My Latest Henna Results

LP Share HennaSo I just completed my third henna treatment and I think I’m hooked!

I wanted the conditioning benefits I had heard so much about and read about at, which is also  So far, my hair feels stronger and detangles much easier than before.  I have always used coconut oil and conditioner to detangle before washes, but the sessions seem to go much quicker than before.

With henna, I knew I’d get the benefit of color and that’s been fun to observe.  I saw my greys go from copper to orange, and now after my third henna treatment, it appears to have deepened to a orange-reddish tone.  It’s not intrusive so I’m cool with it.

For me, shrinkage is real, as I have a very tight and coily hair texture.  While I haven’t really noticed any dramatic loosening of my curl pattern, there does appear to be less shrinkage of some styles.  I don’t wear wash and go’s, which would have definitely showed a difference in shrinkage, but it is a subtle difference wearing braid-outs and twist-outs.

Have you thought about using henna?

Here are my latest henna results!

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