My Natural Hair Styling Fails

African Threading Fail

I guess I did not use the right thread, right products, do enough research, or all three…FAIL! #myfacetho

After what I have done to my hair over the last few months, I am definitely regrouping my hair goals for this year.

I didn’t get too crazy, but my choices left their ugly marks behind.

A ton of information goes through the natural hair communities and it’s so tempting to follow behind what others are using and doing.  Don’t get me wrong, some tips are really helpful, but sometimes you have to push back and stick with what you know will work for you, period.

Now lets see, I added color for the first time in my life, using henna .  There hasn’t been any type of negative fallout from the henna, matter of fact, I’m due for another treatment.  I go a month or two between treatments now.

Then I decided to add Blue Magic hair grease and beeswax to my regimen.  You know, it’s old school, and I figured if it worked back then and is making a ‘comeback’ now, well what could it hurt?

In short, my hair quickly began to break off after using the grease and beeswax on my ends.  The result was almost immediate!  I later found out the ingredients in Blue Magic could possibly cause cancer.

Finally, as if I needed a better method or any method for that matter, to stretch my hair, I recently made an impromptu attempt at African threading.  African threading is a process of wrapping your hair strands with thread to stretch the hair, resulting in elongated, detangled hair.  This proved to be a fail.

Several YouTube videos later, late into the night, there I was threading away.  Here’s a visual:

African Threading

This is where I\’m starting!

African Theading

Got the first one done!

African Threading

Finally done threading my natural hair!

African Threading Fail

I guess I didn\’t use the right thread, right products, do enough research, or all three…FAIL! #myfacetho

I was excited to take them down but woops!  Let me say I would have been better off doing another big chop!  My hair looked choppy from the roots to the ends, sigh.

I tell you what, there’s nothing wrong with experimenting but now you see why it’s important to do your research.  I share to save you the grief, sheesh….

Overall, it’s been disappointing but my goal for the year is to go back to using more natural products that I make (DIY videos here!), and skipping the latest band wagon products and processes that set my hair back.  Truly, if it aint broke, don’t fix it!

What have you done in your hair regimen that you wish you hadn’t?

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  1. Since August, I have been getting my hair blowed out…this is my big fail….I decided yesterday to give it a rest….I miss my natural curls!! All the heat has just left me feeling blah about my hair….I am giving myself a deep conditioning treatment and I am going to let the curls do their thang!!! Thanks LP for this blog!

    • Hey Chandra! We are all trying to get this natural hair thing right, and the only way to know if something works is to try it. I’m with you, deep condition and keep on going! Thank you for your comment ;-D

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