My Natural Hair Afro Puff ~ Go To Style In A Pinch!

LP Share Afro Puff Naturally LPAs a natural head, we are sometimes faced with ’emergency hair situations.’

Now this ‘situation’ could occur if there’s a failed hairstyle attempt, with no time for do-overs, or we just weren’t ready and all of a sudden there’s a last minute invite to go out…in an hour!

No matter the reason, we’ve likely all been there and in times like this we need a fail-safe hairstyle we can rely on.

I’m not talking a hat or a head wrap, and in this case, not even a wig because that may not be an option for some naturals.  I mean a style you can do quickly on your natural hair that will get you through the day!

Well, I recently had a ‘situation’, so I grabbed my camera to show you exactly what I do in situations like this.

I hope this inspires you to either try this natural hair puff or find another quick go-to style in case of a ‘natural hair emergency’, if you haven’t already!

Check it out!

Yes, you must be armed!  What are some of your go-to styles in these last minute situations?

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