Natural Hair Steamer – My Review & Results

Natural Hair Steamer Review

A Hydrating Solution To Dry Hair

If you ask any natural what their biggest issue is with their hair, there's a good chance dryness or the need for more moisture will come up.

Dry hair is just one of those naturally occurring qualities of our hair.  In my own experience, having type 4 hair or a tighter, more coily texture only creates more of a challenge to maintain a moisture balance.

I had been hearing about natural hair steamers for years and never really gave it much thought.  I figured since I had a hooded dryer, deep conditioning would do just fine.

Well a few months ago, I finally decided to purchase a hair steamer to see if it really would deliver on moisturizing dry natural hair.  I chose a 2 in 1 system that included a facial steamer attachment over a hand held version, because I would rather let the steamer do the work over my arms, LOL!

Below, I share my review of the steamer along with my results.  Oh, and just for fun, you can also find out why I haven't named the brand of steamer yet!


Hair Steamer Review & Results

Not The Same As Deep Conditioning

I learned first hand that that there is a difference between deep conditioning vs. a steam treatment and I recommend giving it a try to see for yourself!  If you're not quite ready to commit to buying one yet, you could always opt for a steam treatment at a salon to see how your hair responds.

Have you ever used a steamer for your natural hair?  What was your experience?

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