Stop Hair Breakage Using ApHogee 2-Step Protein Treatment & Moisturizing Conditioner

aphogee 2 step protein treatment

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ApHogee 2 Step Protein Treatment On Henna Treated Hair?

Okay, so I lost track of when I needed to do my henna touch up, and over two months had passed.  Unfortunately, my hair began to show signs of breakage.  Sigh...

I knew better, that it was important to keep a protein / moisture balance to my hair.  I was keeping my hair moisturized, but I obviously fell short on the protein end of it.

Although henna is not a protein, it does a great job at fortifying and strengthening your strands.  The problem was, I did not have any henna on hand.  What I did have was the ApHogee 2-Step Protein Treatment & Moisturizing Conditioner!

Can You Use ApHogee 2 Step Protein Treatment on Henna Treated Hair?

Yikes!  I hadn't touched this stuff since I began using henna.  Could I apply it over the henna?  Well, I had heard a few horror stories of treating hennaed hair with protein, which resulted in super dry, straw like hair, but I hadn't researched it any deeper to know if it would really be a problem after all.

I had to do something to remedy the breakage, so I began researching.  My findings in general are that protein strengthens your hair by depositing the protein onto the cuticle of the hair.  This is only temporary, which is why we must work to keep a protein balance.

Henna strengthens your hair by permanently binding to the cuticle.  It provides great conditioning and strengthening benefits, but just like after a protein treatment, you must still moisturize well to prevent overly dry hair.

So after confirming how each works differently and adding that to the time lapse of my last henna application, I felt pretty comfortable going forward with using the ApHogee protein treatment!

For Professional Use Only.

If you are comfortable trying this protein treatment yourself, you're in luck.  Although the package states it's for professional use only, it is available for you to purchase and use at home!

If you know the moisture level of your hair is not the culprit, a protein treatment could be very beneficial in helping to stop any hair breakage.

Below I share, step by step, how I cleanse and then apply the ApHogee 2 Step Protein Treatment and Moisturizing Conditioner.

What is your experience with using the ApHogee 2 Step Protein Treatment?  If you have hennaed your hair, have you ever applied a protein treatment over it?  What were your results?


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