The Best Detangler Brushes for Natural Hair – Product Reviews

Detangler Brush Product Reviews for Denman & Felicia LeatherwoodOne of the most important yet time consuming tasks for me as a natural head, hands down, is detangling my hair.

Since natural hair is curly, coily, and in my case thick, the strands can easily coil/curl up on one another and tangle.  Now of course it all depends on the style, whether the hair is stretched etc., but for the most part some degree of detangling is usually necessary.

How Often I Detangle:

I primarily detangle my hair on wash day, which is once or twice a week.  I gear up with a wide tooth comb, detangle brush, coconut oil and plenty of cheapo conditioner.

My Process For Detangling My Natural Hair:

I do a quick water spritz all over my hair, create 4-8 sections, apply the oil, then slap on the conditioner.  Going through each section, I finger detangle, do a couple of passes with the wide tooth comb and finish up with a detangle brush.

Detangle Brush – Helpful For Removing Shed Hair

This is where the important part for me comes in…the detangle brush.  My primary use for a detangle brush is to remove shed hairs.  If I don’t, they can knot up on the rest of my hair. I need a brush to stand up to the moisture, oils and all of the conditioners I use.  For the 4+ years I’ve been completely natural, I’ve used the Denman brush.  After replacing it three times due to the rubber breaking down, I decided it was time to find an alternative to the Denman altogether, but it wasn’t easy.

My Quest To Find A New Detangle Brush

So I purchased two more types of detangle brushes, gave each one some fair use and finally settled on the best one. In the following video, I’m doing a product review on all three different natural hair detangle brushes that I’ve used.

Three Detangle Brushes for Natural Hair:

  • The Denman Brush

  • Felicia Leatherwood Detangle Brush

  • Swissco Paddle Brush

So, what is the best detangle brush for natural hair?

Well, based upon three brushes that I purchased, you can find out my conclusions in this video along with how each one performed.

If you’re interested in learning more about The Denman Brush or Felicia Leatherwood Detangle Brush, just follow the links provided!

Do you use a brush to detangle your hair?  What type of detangle brush do you use?

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