Transitioning Trials And Going Back To The Relaxer

Natural Hair Texture

Two Textures of Hair

Ok, I won’t say the last four months have been easy, but I’ve had better hair days.  One day I’m sticking to it, the next I’m being called by ‘Dark & Lovely’ to come back!

I will tell you that trying to maintain two different and competing textures is a beast.  One needs something that the other doesn’t necessarily.  Not only does it look obvious but it makes you feel on front constantly.
Well, a few weeks ago my best friend, who has been down this road before, encouraged me as I made excuses as to why I should just go ahead and put the relaxer back in.  I owe her many thanks, and I also owe my family.  I had already explained to them what I was doing.  When I hit a weak spot and announced I’d likely just relax again, my daughter said, “Then you’ll waste all the time you’ve gone without it”.  Out of the mouth of babes right?  If you have children, you have to appreciate their honesty sometimes, even if it hurts.
I’ll share a few instances with you.  One day I had roller set my hair and then moisturized the new growth.  The new growth curled up somewhat and you could clearly see the two textures.  I then asked my oldest daughter what she thought.  She looked for a while, and then said it didn’t look right, that I had too much going on there.  She’s only 11 but I respected her honesty.  She also added that she understood it would look different and that she knew she’d have to get used to it.  That’s the biggest thing….getting ‘used’ to it.
Yesterday, I mentioned my hair and my son flat out told me that my hair looked dry.  Gulp.  What?  Ok, well I knew it hadn’t been moisturized yet, but dang.  I guess I raised them right, to be forthcoming.  I gotta take it if I dish it out right?
Recently, I put several sections of hair in the front into mini twists.  I didn’t twist all the way to the ends since I was only playing around, then I pinned up the back.  I ran downstairs and asked my husband what he thought.  He hesitated and said, “Well, what are you trying to do with it?”  Ouch. 
I fully accepted that it would be a transition for me physically and mentally, and I now know it will also be a transition of my family’s minds as well.  I know that they are used to seeing me a certain way, with long straight hair.  Heck, so am I!
Nevertheless, I have made my decision.  I will deal with whatever comes my way.  I just wish the store I found online would hurry up and get some raw shea butter in stock soon, I need it bad! LOL!
Are you transitioning?  How’s it going for you?
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