True Wash & Go Using Irish Sea Moss Gel

Wash & Go Using Sea Moss Gel
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I Am Finally Embracing The Wash & Go!

For as long as I've been natural, wash and go hairstyles have never been a favorite for me.

Since I prefer stretched styles, I blamed shrinkage as the reason I took a pass on them.  It also didn't help that it seemed like more work than just hopping in and out of the shower and going, like the name implied.  All of the products, all of the processes?  Hmpf....

Wearing a true wash & go seemed too good to be true for my natural hair.  That is, until I discovered using Irish Sea Moss Gel.  It has amazing slip for natural hair, clumps perfectly and as long as you know how to work it, it can last you for days!  Oh and of course the Irish moss is super healthy for hair, skin, as a food and more!

So not only was I able to pull off mastering an awesome wash & go, I did it using just two natural DIY products and using just my hands as my styling tool.

Watch me work below and see if it's something you think you'd try.



Easy 2 Step Wash & Go Using Irish Sea Moss for Natural Hair

So you want to be mindful that if you use the Irish Sea Moss Gel straight without making it into a Styler first, there will be some residue that you'll need to wash away.  Since I re-moisturize my hair every other day in the shower, it keeps any remaining residue in check. 

When I want to do a natural hair style like twist outs our braid outs, I like to use my Irish Sea Moss Gel Styler instead, since it is diluted.

Let me know if you try either of the products in your hair...hey, the warm weather is upon us, so that means it's wash & go season!  Let's get it!

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