Where Have I Been? My Update!

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Here's My Update!

Hey good people! 🙂  I have to say things have been in a whirlwind for the fam and I for quite some time now.  We've done so much over the last couple of years that many things, including my blog, had to be put on hold to manage those that required more attention.

Here's a quick update, and I've shared more of the cool details in the video attached to this post! 🙂

My Alkaline Electric Journey!:

We're still primarily consuming plant based food with Dr. Sebi's methodology as a blueprint as well as our work with Ty's Conscious Kitchen.  We strive for a balance of 80/20, as that is what works for us.  The 20% does not include meat, but usually may include vegetarian/vegan options depending on our situation, like when we moved and our whole kitchen was packed up on a truck!!!

You'll see me vlogging more about our journey so stay connected with me!

Natural Hair Update:

Although I'm sharing my current life happenings, I'm still loving my natural hair and using the natural products I make myself, which you can find detail DIY instructions right here, for each step of my regimen.

I've reached my 6 years natural anniversary and I have stopped using the henna which I'll be doing a separate update on soon as to why.  I also still trim my hair regularly since I didn't really have length goals in mind for my journey, but I may do something different this year, we'll see! 😉

My children's hair is really flourishing!  Jonny has been growing his out and wearing twists and Ty even decided to let his hair grow in after years of keeping it cut very low!  Yep, we were shocked our 18 year old had never even seen him with all that hair, LOL!  If you missed our last photo/vid update you can check it out here!

Okay enough chatter, check out the vid to see what else we're up to!

Thanks for stopping by!


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